Saturday, 11 January 2014

pratt institute new york - impressions of my semester/work


first sketchmodel 

fullscale drawing

scetchmodels and drawings

fast sketchmodel | starbuckscup and lid, pins, stone

 its golden!

 thank god  we have a lasercutter

 building the final kick´n-go-scooter model

 final kick´n-go-scooter model

class critique

 exhibition in the studio gallery

 lightswitch parts

 well prepared for drawing class

 bending some wires | bike 

 three lightswitch concepts

 class critique

 pratt campus

my desktop

 luigis the best

 watch making

drawing homework

3D printer | bicycle

 final bike model | scale 1:3

 pratt campus | winter

 watch making

 it works!

coffee maker | i know the "e" is missing

 drawing class

alpha - an urban bicycle | final

 id view | final exhibition

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