Monday, 30 September 2013

"lux aeterna" at the MDR Designpreis 2013

my sundial "lux aeterna" is nominated for the "mdr designpreis 2013".
it is a contribution to the semesterproject "ex und hopp" at the bauhaus university weimar in 2012.

"lux aeterna" at the "MDR Designpreis 2013"

you can vote for it here.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

V A S C O - a pepper grinder

click on the link for the documentation :

V A S C O - a pepper grinder

first 2 week warm up project.
design something that fits into the MoMA Design Store.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

new york _ impressions vol2.

at a rooftopbar...but somehow the building next to us is still a little higher

face in the facadade

brighton beach metro

most noisy bridge | manhattan bridge

walking the brooklyn bridge

steel n concrete

can´t you see my penthouse on the top floor?

freedom tower

the north pool | 9/11 memorial

between sky and earth

the sun went to new jersey

battery park

skyskraper canon

central park | swimming with turtles

picnic on my beautiful balcony feat. the white tiger

moma ps1. warm up

electronic music and contemporary art


fast&first sketch models

late nights

sketching in ful scale

easy sketchmodel: starbucks cup, starbucks lid, pushpins and a golden painted stone.
professor loved it.

scooter project

got myself a bike | no more standing in dark hot stinky black holes waiting for silver worms.

no comment.

between east and hudson river

view on brooklyn | actually you can see my balcony. its somewhere in there!

riding across manhattan bridge | sunset

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

one week new york | first impressions

the first ny metro

first time manhattan - korea town


the high-line

japanese ramen | east village

we skipped the que - free for future pratt students | moma

which one?

someone should tell them that there are good copy prints in the gift shop | moma

rooftop bar | empire state

drinkin beer at the beach | coney island

summer feeling

the bike guy

downtown brooklyn

manhattan view 1

manhattan view 2

manhattan view 3

manhattan bridge


more chinatown...

little italy


manhattan view 5

statue of what?

manhattan view 6

manhattan view 7

central park

great view from williamsburg

flat iron

my balcony | manhattan view once again ;)

my room...

view out of my room | manhattan view once more

hudson river


t square

chrysler in gold

sunset mirror

glas, steel and concrete

empire state

empire state 2

sunset over manhattan | love my balcony

drinking milk at orientation week | where´s the beer?